How Long Do Tattoo Stickers Last? Learn how to apply temporary tattoos

How Long Do Tattoo Stickers Last? Learn how to apply temporary tattoos

Thinking of trying a tattoo sticker that lasts for a longer period?

If you want to have a tattoo but are unsure about the design and how it will appear on your skin. Tattoos stickers are a stylish way to stay current with fashion, and you can quickly switch between different types to suit your preferences.

It’s difficult to find someone whose ideas, interests, and hobbies haven’t changed over time. The same is true with tattoos. Tattoos from our past aren’t necessarily regretted, but if you had the option years later, you might select a completely different design, placement, artist, or style.


Tattoo stickers are being promoted to a considerably older audience than their regular clientele. More twenty-somethings and even fifty-somethings are toying with temporary tattoos because they’re a pleasant change of pace when you’re caught in a rut, as well as an opportunity to test the waters with a design you might want to permanently tattoo on your body.

The straightforward response is that there isn’t one. We estimate that your tattoo sticker should last for three to ten days, but there are at least three variables that affect where you and your tattoo will fall on the spectrum.

Things To Consider While Getting A Tattoo

  1. Skin colour

Whether you like it or not, skin comes in a wide range. Here, acidity is the specific feature we’re examining. For whatever reason, if your skin is more acidic than usual, the chemicals in the temporary tattoo ink we employ won’t work well with it.

It will thus last less time.

In exceedingly rare cases, people’s temporary tattoos have nearly completely fallen off due to the acidity of their skin. Extreme acidity has the potential to dissolve the glue we employ to ensure that the tattoo adheres to your skin. But this is a really unusual occurrence, as we must repeat.

How oily your skin is may also have an impact on how long your temporary tattoos stay.

If you replied “extremely,” it can have an impact on how well the glue holds your design in place.

  1. Where to Get Inked!

It is totally up to you where on your body to place your selected temporary tattoo. However, your decision may have an impact on how long your design will last. We usually suggest that you avoid getting a tattoo on sensitive or damaged skin, and it’s a good idea to avoid getting one too near to your lips or eyes.

The amount of days your tattoo will last, however, may be reduced if you place it in an area that will experience a lot of friction from your clothing, such as where something will constantly brush up against the design.

  1. Exercise

You should be able to take a shower or a bath while wearing one of our temporary tattoos because they are all waterproof. However, how long it lasts might vary depending on how hard you work out. One reason is that if you’re working out at the gym or jogging in sportswear, the friction between your clothing and your skin might wear it down.

Additionally, excessive sweating and boosting your body temperature both have the potential to harm the tattoo. Sweat’s chemical composition might hasten the tattoo’s slow fading process.

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How to apply temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are preferred over permanent ones by people of all ages because they carry less health hazards. They’re a lot of fun during parties too! To apply a temporary tattoo flawlessly, practice is necessary. However, if you persevere, you may proudly display a transfer or stencilled glitter tattoo.

Now, Let’s learn how to apply temporary tattoos!

  1. Start with cleaning: The natural oils on the skin reject temporary tattoos since they are produced with water-based ink. Use soap and water to gently clean the area you wish to decorate, then use a paper towel to pat it dry.

  1. Select your tattoo design: You will need to separate the temporary tattoo if it was packaged with other tattoos on a sheet. Once you’ve freed it from the “flash sheet,” carefully cut around it with a pair of sharp scissors without clipping the pattern itself.

  1. Place the image: Place the face side of the tattoo against your skin after confirming that you want to apply it to the area you just cleansed.

Avoid moving it around. Hold it securely in position as you carry out the subsequent action.

  1. Press a sponge over the tattoo: Put a piece of cotton or a sponge against the tattoo’s backing that is neither completely dry nor completely wet and its done.

What to Avoid When Getting a Tattoo?

For these semi-permanent tattoos, there is a list of dos and don’ts that must be adhered to. Scrubbing, rubbing, or any other frictional activity should be carefully avoided for the time being. Make careful to remember this while taking a bath as well!

Although temporary tattoos are waterproof, rubbing or often touching the area with your hands will only cause the design you have worked so hard to make to fade.

Therefore, refrain from doing such things and make sure you do not use soaps, oils, or lotions on your temporary tattoo or anywhere around it.

Final Words

So, to sum up, how long do temporary tattoos last? Although some people claim they may last up to three weeks, they typically last one to two weeks. This offers folks some time to enjoy the design and choose whether to keep it or replace it with another one a few weeks down the road.

Temporary and semi-permanent tattoos allow people to play with their identity and the way they want to represent themselves publicly, regardless of whether the tattoo lasts a few days or a few weeks.

Check out our collection of stickers and temporary tattoos to get yourself one!

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