General FAQ's

How Long Do Simply Inked Temporary Tattoo Last?

Simply Inked Temporary Tattoos will last up to 1 – 3 days depending upon which part of body you are applying and to be applied carefully and correctly. Please make sure to follow the application instructions carefully for the best results.

How Long Do Simply Inked Semi Permanent Tattoo Last?

Simply Inked Semi Permanent Tattoos will last up to 8 – 16 days depending upon which part of body you are applying and to be applied carefully and correctly. Please make sure to follow the application instructions carefully for the best results.

Is There Any Aftercare Of Simply Inked Semi-Permanent Tattoos Post Application?

Yes, There is;

Aftercare: Do not touch the tattoo immediately after applying. Let the ink settle down, do not clean/rub, cover the tattoo for 30 minutes. At sleep time cover the tattoo so that ink may not transfer onto the other body parts.

Can I Remove My Temporary Tattoo Early?

Yes! The easiest way to remove it by using baby oil or by rubbing alcohol.

Can I Remove My Semi Permanent Tattoo Early?

No! Semi Permanent tattoos will be vanished themselves after around 12-16 days of application.

Are Simply Inked Tattoos Safe For Application On My Skin?

Of course! Simply Inked tattoos (Temporary and Semi Permanent) are extremely safe. All of the Simply Inked tattoos are being manufactured in the USA are safe and non-toxic. We use FDA certified colorants and all products exceed US, Canadian and European Union safety standards for cosmetic and toy products.

Can I Customize A Tattoo Design?

Yes! You can customize and create your own design, There is MOQ for customize tattoo. Click on CUSTOMISATION FOR BULK at Homepage and check latest MOQ and price according to Size and MOQ for your own customized design of your choice, for any further inquiry and complete details, you can contact our customer care at+91 91380 88888/+91 88375 94577.

How Are Simply Inked Temporary Tattoos Applied?

To apply your new Simply Inked tattoo simply make sure that your skin is clean, dry and free of excessive oil. Remove the protective clear film from the top of the tattoo and discard it. Place the tattoo face down in the position that you want. Apply light firm pressure to the back of the tattoo with a very wet paper towel, cloth or towel. Hold the wet cloth on the back for 30 seconds. Remove the towel and peel off the paper backing off of the tattoo. Allow the tattoo to dry before wearing clothing over it or being too rough with it. Then sit back and enjoy!

Simply Inked Temporary Tattoos will be visible clearly after 30 seconds of application and will lasts up to 1-3 days

Simply Inked Semi Permanent Tattoos will be visible after 24 hours of application and will lasts up to 8-16 days.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Simply Inked Temporary Tattoos?

This depends on the location you are ordering from, but typically you will receive your Simply Inked temporary tattoos in 3-5 working days.

Does Simply Inked Have Complete Range Of Temporary Tattoos?

Yes, Simply Inked has complete range and designs of temporary tattoos, semi permanent tattoos, colored temporary tattoos, glow in the dark tattoos, glitter tattoos, henna (brown and white), metallic and Nail stickers.

What Are Nail Art Strips?

Nail Art strips are premium salon-style nail Art tattoos that not only look great but are easy to apply and last up to 2 weeks, It is a stick on nail polish system, all you have to do it is…Prep, Stick, File and you’re ready to go.

The best part is there’s no mess and no smudges!

Removal is also simple… just peel off and go again.

Are Nail Art Strips And Nailsticker Same Thing?

Yes! Nail Art Strip and Nail Sticker is same product.

Is Nail Art Strip Replacement Of Nail Paint/ Nail Polish?

Yes! Using Nail Polish/Nail Paint just never lasts and gets chipped off within days, so Nail Art Strips are Gel nail Paint Stickers that are very easy to apply and last up to 2 weeks and gives your nail the Salon-Style finish you desire…

How Should I Apply Simply Inked Nail Art Strips?

All you have to do it is…Prep, Stick, File and you’re ready to go.

How Long Simply Inked Nail Art Strips Will Stay?

Simply Inked Nail Art Strips last up to 2 weeks after application.

Is There Any Discount Available On Simply Inked Products?

Yes of course, we have discounts available on nail art strips, you can choose any 5 Nail Art Strips and avail 10% OFF, and if you want more you can choose any 10 Nail Art Strips and avail 20% OFF.

We also have on going discount on create any name tattoos, you just have to add minimum 3 alphabets in your cart to create any name and avail 30% OFF !

How Can I Customize / Make My Name Or Any Name Tattoo?

You can now make any name tattoo. Just go to homepage ( Go to make my name bar, there you can buy premium quality semi-permanent Alphabet tattoos, choose according to name you want to make and enjoy. Moreover, there is 30% Discount when you buy full name tattoos.

Is Simply Inked India And Simply Inked USA Same Company?

Yes, Simply Inked India is wholly owned subsidiary of Simply Inked LLC. USA.

Does Simply Inked Deals In Bulk And Corporate Delivery?

Yes, we do that, for Bulk delivery and corporate tie-up, contact us by phone / WhatsApp at: +91 91380 88888 or email at:

Does Simply Inked Sell Products Offline Too?

Yes, Simply Inked is opening Simply Inked Stores Pan India
First Simply Inked Store is opened at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, many more to be opened soon…
For any franchisee inquiry (to open Simply Inked Store) in your city, contact at: +91-91380-88888, email at:

What Is The Return Policy?

See our entire return policy here

How To Contact Us?

You can reach us by phone, WhatsApp or by email, check details in our Contact page Link.

Have More Questions?

No problem. You can drop us email at or whatsapp at 91380-88888 (Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM is the business hours).